Dear Friends,

In many ways, LOKAL’s story is one of origins, coffee and people. Lokal (/lo•kal/) as you may have already guessed, is the Indonesian word for local.

We think that the word perfectly describes who we are.

Niko, Sam, Sean, and Winny are four Indonesian transplants a long way from home. We all left our homes for various reasons. Some of us left by our own free will, while some of us did not have any other choice. Some left for college, some for love, and others for refuge. Regardless, we found ourselves in the welcoming arms of Columbus, Ohio­– a burgeoning city we are now proud to call home, a city with exciting new opportunities created by the vibrant community that exists today.

We are thrilled to live here amongst unique individuals of different personalities, and over the past few years, we have been constantly seeking ways to connect the local community with our heritage– Indonesia. Our cold brew coffee is a product of our labor of love. It is about us combining our passions, utilizing all that we have and know to share our story. This is our medium.

We curate our single-origin coffee beans with you in mind. Without neglecting the needs of the Indonesian farmers, we source these beans with the help of local micro-roasters, and cold brew them for 12 hours to bring you smooth and refreshing coffee with exquisite flavor profiles. Each batch is thoughtfully and meticulously optimized to bring out the flavor nuances of the different regions and farms. 

We want to share our heritage with you; to contribute to the enriching of the cultural wealth of the city. We want to support our local communities, by acting as a vehicle for our excellent micro-roasters to showcase their products. LOKAL cold brew is a platform for us to give back to the city and people that have continued to show us the meaning of home.

We are passionate about bridging our origins with this city we love. LOKAL cold brew is the product of a unique cultural intersection, and we want you to join us on this adventure.