We go to great lengths here at Lokal to ensure that in addition to drinking the best that Indonesian coffee has to offer, you are also receiving a culturally authentic and enriching experience. Through art and design, we believe that we are able to share some of our culture's greatest treasures.

Batik is a much revered centuries old textile art; It serves as a thread connecting us to our past and our origins. The top half of our labels are adorned with ornate Batik fractals that vary depending on the geographical origins of our Indonesian coffees. Much like the concept of single origin coffees, batik designs have different profiles and styles that are unique to its specific origin.  

Needless to say, Batik is central to Lokal's brand identity. The Batik on our labels are customized to reflect the origin of the coffees. Our labels will continually change to follow along with our different coffee releases. 

The island of Java is famous for refining Batik into its greatest peak. The art of wax-resist dyeing entire clothes requires years of apprenticeship and masterpieces often could take decades to complete. Previously reserved for the Javanese royalty, it has always been regarded highly by the masses due to its rich heritage. Conforming with the royalty, it was important for young Javanese ladies to be able to utilize the Canting (pen-like instrument used in the creation of Batik design) skillfully. Batik is very much democratized now and is a tremendous source of national identity to Indonesians at home and abroad.

Batik has been used historically as a story telling medium; we strive to carry that tradition forward.