Lokal Turns 1 / by LOKAL LLC

Today marks Lokal Cold Brew’s 1 year Anniversary. On this day last year, the first batch of Lokal Cold Brews hit the shelves at the Roosevelt Coffeehouse with the goal of bringing our Indonesian roots to the new culture that has welcomed us for the last decade; we thought, what better way to coalesce two very different heritage that the universal medium of coffee.

Lokal Cold Brew was conceived from that merger, collaborating with local micro-roasters to feature their magic while highlighting Indonesian single origin beans, whose fabric are also reflected in the different abstracted batik prints on our bottles.

In the past year, the Lokal crew has grown significantly having sold more than 1000 bottles within 2 months of launching. We have also since, doubled our collaborations alongside many wonderful local businesses and young artists, such as Stump and Here to Disrupt who have been instrumental in our aim to serve you the best Indonesian coffee from halfway around the globe.

To date, we’ve released five different single origin coffees, all unique in their characteristics and flavor profiles. Our partnership with local roasters continue to flourish as we tweak and adjust roast profiles for our cold brews, and we are now selling to 5 different places in town; Roosevelt Coffeehouse, Skillet, Philco, Little Eater and Stump.

Our journey with LOKAL has truly shown us how great of a city we live in. All of this would not be possible if it weren't for you, the good people of Columbus. We are so immensely grateful for the love you've given us, and we promise to continue doing you right by brewing you the best damn cold brews.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Salam Lokal