What Is Single Origin? by LOKAL LLC

Simply put, single origin coffees are premium coffees that are typically grown within a single geographic origin. They could range from single farms, or even down to the micro scale of a single field on a farm. The level of specificity may differ from one single origin coffee to another. Some are grown in a narrow range of altitude, or are chosen for the time of the harvest. 

We believe that this is what makes coffee fun and intriguing. The same Sumatra Mandheling grown in two different farms in Sumatra may taste completely different from each other. This is a result of multiple variables that may include things such as processing, altitude, fermentation techniques, etc. 

These nuanced differences may be subtle; hence we do not recommend that you add milk or sugar into your coffee. The distinct flavor profiles from the regions may be masked by the stronger flavor of the milk. The natural sweetness of the coffee may also be diminished with the addition of sugar. 

We hope that our single origin coffees would send you down the rabbit hole of Indonesian specialty coffees. Our archipelago of 18,000 islands has much to offer beyond our famous Sumatra coffees. We want Lokal to act as a vehicle to bring the lesser known Indonesian coffee-growing regions into Columbus' coffee scene.